SCI-Journal Papers (corresponding author * ) :

  • A Crystalline-Water Electrolyte Enabled High Depth-of-Discharge Anodes in Aqueous Zinc Metal Batteries

    Yao, R.; Zhao, Y.; Wang, L.; Kang, F.; Ho, J.; Zhi, C.; Yang, C.*
    Small, 2024, accepted

  • Bismuth: An epitaxy-like conversion mechanism enabled by intercalation-conversion chemistry for stable aqueous chloride-ion storage

    Zhu, H.; Peng, L.; Kang, F.; Zhi, C.*; Yang, C.*
    Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2024, accepted

  • Electrochromic windows with fast response and wide dynamic range for visible-light modulation without traditional electrodes

    Jia, Z.; Sui, Y.; Qian, L.; Ren, X.; Zhao, Y.; Yao, R.; Wang, L.; Chao, D.; Yang, C.*
    Nature Communications, 2024, accepted

  • A popcorn-inspired strategy for compounding graphene@NiFe2O4 flexible films for strong electromagnetic interference shielding and absorption

    Liu, M.; Wang, Z.; Song, Z.; Wang, F.; Zhao, G.; Zhu, H; Jia, Z.; Guo, Z.*; Kang, F.; Yang, C.*
    Nature Communications, 2024, accepted

  • High-performance MoP-Mo2C/C heterogeneous nanoparticle catalysts for alkaline hydrogen evolution and oxidation reactions

    Huang, Y.; Li, X.; Shen, P.; Yang, C.*; Zhu, J.*
    ACS Materials Letters, 2024,

  • A Corrosion-Free Zinc Metal Battery with Ultra-Thin Zinc Anode and High Depth of Discharge

    Yao, R.; Zhao, Y.; Wang, L. Xiao, C.; Kang, F.; Zhi, C.; Yang, C.*
    Energy & Environmental Science, 2024, 17, 3112-3122

  • Liquid Metal loaded Molecular Sieve: Specialized Lithium Dendrite Blocking Filler for Polymeric Solid-state Electrolyte

    Qian, S.; Zhu, H.; Sun C.; Li, M.; Zheng, M.; Wu, Z.; Liang, Y.; Yang, C.*; Zhang, S.*; Lu, J.*
    Advanced Materials, 2024,

  • Electron Redistribution in Iridium–Iron Dual-Metal-Atom Active Sites Enables Synergistic Enhancement for H₂O₂ Decomposition

    Wang, Z.; Peng, L.; Zhu, P.; Wang, W.; Yang, C.; Hu, H.; Wu, Q.*
    ACS Nano 2024, 18, 2885-2897

  • An Adaptive Contrastive Learning Model for Spike Sorting

    Qian, L.; Zheng, S.; Deng, C.; Yang, C.*; Li, X.*
    arXiv, 2022, DOI:10.48550/arXiv.2205.11914

  • An ultra thin, bright and sensitive interactive tactile display based on organic mechanoluminescence for dual-mode handwriting identification

    Hou, T.; Li, W.; Wang, H.; Zheng, Y.; Chen, C.; Zhang, H.; Chen, K.; Xie, H.; Li, X.; He, S.; Zhang, S.; Peng, D.; Yang, C.; Lam, J.; Tang, B.*; Zi, Y.*
    InfoMat, 2024,

  • Passive Internet of Events enabled by broadly compatible self-powered visualized platform toward real-time surveillance

    Chen, C.; Zhang, H.; Xu, G.; Hou, T.; Fu, J.; Wang, H.; Xia, X.; Yang, C.*; Zi, Y.*
    Advanced Science, 2023, 10, 2304352

  • Dynamically adaptive bubbling for upgrading oxygen evolution reaction using lamellar fern-like alloy aerogel self-standing electrodes

    Wang, J.; Liang, C.; Ma, X.; Liu, P.; Pan, W.; Zhu, H.; Guo, Z.; Sui, Y.; Liu, H.; Liu, L.; Yang, C.*
    Advanced Materials, 2024, 36, 2307925(featured as cover of the issue)

  • Nanosurface-induced construction of NiCoP-CoP heterostructure nanobristle electrodes for highly efficient alkaline hydrogen evolution reaction

    Liu, P.; Wang, J.; Sui, Y.; Zhao, G.; Yao, R.; Xia, D.; Guo, Z.; Kang, F.; Wang, L.*; Yang, C.*
    Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2023, 11, 22340-22346

  • A nanometallic conductive composite-hydrogel core–shell microneedle skin patch for real-time monitoring of interstitial glucose levels

    Zhang, Y.; Zhao, G.; Zheng, M.; Hu, T.; Yang, C.*; Xu, C.*
    Nanoscale, 2023, 15, 16493-16500

  • Hydrodynamic tearing of bacteria on nanotips for sustainable water disinfection

    Peng, L.; Zhu, H.; Wang, H.; Guo, Z.; Wu, Q.*; Yang, C.*; Hu, H.*
    Nature Communications, 2023, 14, 5734

  • An Enzymatic Electrochemical Biosensing Interface Developed by The Laser‐Induced Graphene Electrode

    Liu, M.; Zhao, G.; Yang, C.*; Wang, H.*; Cheng, J.*
    Advanced Materials Interfaces, 2023, 10, 2300235

  • Water-Abundant Electrolytes: Towards Safer and Greener Aqueous Zinc-Metal Batteries

    Qian, L.; Yao, R.; Yang, C.*

  • A Monolithic Nickel Catalyst Featured with High-density Crystalline Steps for Stable Hydrogen Evolution At Large Current Density

    Lei, Z.; Liu, P.; Yang, X.; Zou, P.; Nairan, A.; Jiao, S.; Cao, R.; Wang, W.; Kang, F.; Yang, C.*
    Small, 2023, 19, 2301247

  • Ultralow-salt-concentration electrolyte for high-voltage aqueous Zn metal batteries

    Qian, L.; Zhu, H.; Qin, T.; Yao, R.; Zhao, J.; Kang, F.; Yang, C.*
    Advanced Functional Materials, 2023, 33, 2301118

  • A laser-processed carbon-titanium carbide heterostructure electrode for high-frequency micro-supercapacitors

    Zhang, Z.; Wang, Z.; Wang, F.; Qin, T.; Zhu, H.; Liu, P.; Zhao, G.; Wang, X.; Kang, F.; Wang, L.; Yang, C.*
    Small, 2023, 19, 2300747

  • Laser-induced Transient Self-organization of TiNx Nano-filament Percolated Networks for High Performance Surface-mountable Filter Capacitors

    Wang, F.; Guo, Z.; Wang, Z.; Zhu, H.; Zhao, G.; Chen, C.; Liu, M.; Sun, R.; Kang, F.; Wong, C.-P.; Yang, C.*
    Advanced. Materials, 2023, 35, 2210038.

  • Inlaying Bismuth Nanoparticles on Graphene Nanosheets by Chemical Bond for Ultralong-Lifespan Aqueous Sodium Storage

    Zhu, H.; Wang, F.*; Peng L.; Qin, T.; Kang, F.; Yang, C.*
    Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 2023, 62, 2022124.

  • An “Immobilizing and Relocating” Strategy for Highly Reversible Metallic Zinc Anode

    Yao, R.; Qian, L.; Zhao ,G.; Zhu, H.; Qin, T.; Xiao, C.; Lin, H.; Kang, F.; Zhi, C.; Yang, C.*
    Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2023, 11, 1361-1368.

  • Choline chloride enhances the electrochemical stability of zinc plating/stripping

    Xiao, C.; Yao, R.; Zhu, H.; Qian, L.; Yang, C.*
    Chemical Communications, 2022, 58, 10088-10090

  • Highly Conductive and Mechanically Robust NiFe Alloy Aerogels: An Exceptionally Active and Durable Water Oxidation Catalyst

    Liang, C.; Pan, W.; Zou, P.; Liu, P.; Liu, K.; Zhao, G.; Fan, H. J.; Yang, C.*
    Small, 2022, 18, 2203663

  • A Highly Compressible, Elastic, and Air-Dryable Metallic Aerogels via Magnetic Field-Assisted Synthesis

    Pan, W.; Liang, C.; Sui, Y.; Wang, J.; Liu, P.; Zou, P.; Guo, Z.; Wang, F.; Ren, X.; Yang, C.*
    Advanced Functional Materials, 2022, 32, 2204166

  • A Wadsley-Roth crystallographic shear phase SrNb6O16 anode for fast Li-ion storage

    Zhu, H.; Peng, L.; Shu, J.; Yang, C.*
    Chemical Communications, 2022, 58, 8626–8629

  • Current Technological Trends in Transdermal Biosensing

    Zhang, Y.; Yang, C.; Shi, H.; Xu, C.*
    Advanced Nanobiomed Research, 2022, 2, 9, 2200040

  • A Self-Packageable and Tailorable Electrochromic Device based on the “Blood-Coagulation” Mechanism

    Ren, X.; Hu, S.; Jia, Z.; Qin, T.; Sui, Y.; Wang, F.; Pan, W.; Yang, C.*
    Advanced Functional Materials, 2022, 32, 2206127

  • Bis-ammonium salts with strong chemisorption to halide ions for fast and durable aqueous redox Zn ion batteries

    Li, X.; Wang, S.; Wang, T.; Duan, Z.; Huang, Z.; Liang, G.; Fan, J.; Yang, C.; Rogach, A. L.; Zhi, C.*
    Nano Energy, 2022, 98, 107278

  • A Method for Quantitatively Separating the Piezoelectric Component from the As-received "Piezoelectric" Signal

    Chen, C.; Zhao, S.; Pan, C.; Zi, Y.; Wang, F.; Yang, C.;* Wang, Z.*
    Nature Communications, 2022, 13, 1391

  • NiMoFe Nanoparticles@MoO2 Nano-pillar Arrays as Bifunctional Electrodes for Ultra-low-voltage Overall Water Splitting

    Liu, P.; Pan, W.; Yao, R.; Zhang, L.; Wu, Q.; Kang, F.; Fan, H. J.; Yang, C.*
    Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2022, 10, 3760-3770

  • Structural insights into the lithium ion storage behaviors of niobium tungsten double oxides

    Yao, W.; Zhu, H.; Wang, M.; Li, P.; Liu, P.; Zou, P.; Nie, A.*; Wang, G.; Kang, F.; Yang, C.*
    Chemistry of Materials, 2022, 34(1), 388–398

  • High-frequency flexible symmetric supercapacitors via laser-defocused writing of MnO2 on carbon cloth

    Zhao, G.#; Wang, F.#; Sui, Y.; Zhang, Z..; Yang, C.*
    New Carbon Materials, 2022, 37(3): 556-563

  • Direct solar to hydrogen conversion enabled by silicon photocathodes with carrier selective passivated contacts

    Sharma, A.; Duong, T.; Liu, P.; Soo, J.; Yan, D.; Zhang, D.; Riaz, A.; Samundsettt, C.; Shen, H.; Yang, C.; Karuturi, S.*; Catchpole, K.; Beck, F.
    Sustainable Energy & Fuels, 2022, 6, 349-360

  • A Versatile Cation Additive Enabled Highly Reversible Zinc Metal Anode

    Yao, R.#; Qian, L.#; Sui, Y.; Zhao, G.; Guo, R.; Hu, S.; Liu, P.; Zhu, H.; Wang, F.; Zhi, C.; Yang, C.*
    Advanced Energy Materials, 2021, 12, 2102780

  • Grafted MXene/polymer electrolyte for high performance solid zinc batteries with enhanced shelf life at low/high temperatures

    Chen, Z.; Li, X.; Wang, D.; Yang, Q.; Ma, L.; Huang, Z.; Liang, G.; Chen, A.; Guo, Y.; Dong, B.; Huang, X.; Yang, C.; Zhi, C.*
    Energy & Environmental Science, 2021,14, 3492-3501

  • High-performance Hydrogen Peroxide Micro-sensors based on Laser-induced Fabrication of Graphene@Ag Electrodes

    Zhao, G.; Wang, F.; Zhang, Y.; Sui, Y.; Zhang, Z.; Xu, C.; Yang, C.*
    Applied Surface Science, 2021, 565, 150565

  • Cations Coordination-Regulated Reversibility Enhancement for Aqueous Zn-Ion Battery

    Qian, L.; Yao, W.; Yao, R.; Sui, Y.; Zhu, H.; Wang, F.; Zhao, J.; Zhi, C.; Yang, C.*
    Advanced Functional Materials, 2021, 31, 2105736

  • Design principle, optimizing strategies, and future perspectives of anode-free configuration for high-energy rechargeable metal batteries

    Yao, W.; Zou, P.;* Wang, M.; Zhan, H.; Kang, F.; Yang, C.*
    Electrochemical Energy Reviews, 2021, 4, 601-631

  • Polymorph Evolution Mechanisms and Regulation Strategies of Lithium Metal Anode under Multi-physical Fields

    Zou, P.; Sui, Y.; Zhan, H.; Wang, C.; Xin, H.*; Cheng, H.; Kang, F.*; Yang, C.*
    Chemical Reviews  2021, 121, 10, 5986-6056

  • Laminar metal foam: A soft and highly thermally conductive thermal interface material with a reliable joint for semiconductor packaging

    Liu, P.; Luo, Y.; Liu, J.; Chiang, S.; Wu, D.; Dai, W.; Kang, F.; Lin, W.; Wong, C.; Yang, C.*
    ACS Applied Materials Interfaces 2021, 13, 15791-15801

  • An exploration on the form factors of turbulence kinetic energy transfer for shear exfoliation of graphene

    Liu, K.; Chiang, S.; Liang, B.; Liang, C.; Sui, Y.; Dai, W.; Wang, M.; Hu, Sheng.; Kang, F.; Yang, C.*
    Nanotechnology, 2021, 32: 265601

  • Proton Selective Adsorption on Pt-Ni Nano-thorn Array Electrodes for Superior Hydrogen Evolution Activity

    Nairan, A.; Liang, C.; Chiang, S.; Wu, Y.; Zou, P.; Khan, U.; Liu, W.; Kang, F.; Guo, S.; Wu, J.*; Yang, C.*
    Energy & Environmental Science, 2021,14, 1594-1601

  • A Compact Bi2WO6 microflowers anode for potassium-ion storage: Taming a sequential phase evolution toward stable electrochemical cycling

    Zhu, H.; Liu, T.; Peng, L.; Yao, W.; Kang, F.; Shu, J.*, Yang, C.*
    Nano Energy, 2021, 82: 105784

  • Battery-on-Separator: A Platform Technology for Arbitrary-Shaped Lithium Ion Batteries for High Energy Density Storage

    Wang, M.; Yao, W.; Zou, P.; Hu, S.; Zhu, H.; Liu, K.; Yang, C.*
    Journal of Power Sources, 2021, 490: 229527

  • Tip-Enhanced Electric Field: A New Mechanism Promoting Mass Transfer In Oxygen Evolution Reactions

    Liu, P.; Chen, B.; Liang, C.; Yao, W.; Cui, Y.; Hu, S.; Zou, P.; Zhang, H.; Fan, H.*, Yang, C.*
    Advanced Materials 2021, 33, 2007377

  • Horizontal Stress Release for Protuberance-Free Li Metal Anode

    Liu, Y.; Yin, X.; Shen, X.; Zou, P.; Qin, X.*; Yang, C.; Zhang, Q.; Kang, F.; Chen, G.; Li, B.*
    Advanced Functional Materials, 2020, 2002522

  • An asymmetric supercapacitor based on a NiO/Co3O4@NiCo cathode and an activated carbon anode

    Li, J.; Zou, P.; Yao, W.; Liu, P.; Kang, F.; Yang, C.*
    New Carbon Materials, 2020, 35, 112-120

  • Polypyrrole coated δ-MnO2 nanosheet arrays as a highly stable lithium-ion-storage anode

    Sui, Y.; Liu, C.; Zou, P.; Zhan, H.; Cui, Y.; Yang, C.*; Cao, G.*
    Dalton Transactions, 2020, 49, 7903–7913

  • Toward Real-time Monitoring Lithium Metal Growth and Dendrite Formation Surveillance for Safe Lithium Metal Batteries

    Zhan H.; Zou, P.* Yao W.; Qian L.; Liu K.; Hu S.; Zhu H.; He Y.; Kang F.; Yang C.*
    Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2020, 8, 7090-7099

  • A Periodic “Self-correction” Scheme for Synchronizing Li Plating/Stripping at Ultrahigh Cycling Capacity

    Zou, P.; Chiang, S.; Zhan, H.; Sui, Y.; Liu, K.; Hu, S.; Su, S.; Li, J.; Kang, F.; Yang, C.*
    Advanced Functional Materials, 2020, 30, 1910532

  • Interface metallization enabled ultra-stable Fe2O3 hierarchical anode for pseudocapacitors

    Su, S.; Shi, L.; Yao, W.; Wang, Y.; Zou, P.; Liu, K.; Wang, M.; Kang, F.; Yang, C.*
    RSC Advances, 2020, 10, 8636-8644

  • Exceptional Performance of Hierarchical Ni-Fe Oxyhydroxide@NiFe Alloy Nanowire Array Electrocatalysts for Large Current Density Water Splitting

    Liang, C.; Zou, P.; Nairan, A.; Zhang, Y.; Liu, J.; Liu, K.; Hu, S.; Kang, F.; Fan, H.*; Yang, C.*
    Energy & Environmental Science, 2020, 13, 86-95 (selected as the“100 Most Influential Scientific Articles in China, 2020”)

  • NiMo Solid Solution Nanowire Array Electrodes for Highly Efficient Hydrogen Evolution Reaction

    Nairan, A.; Zou, P.; Liang, C.; Liu, J.; Wu, D.; Liu, P.; Yang, C.*
    Advanced Functional Materials, 2019, 29, 1903747(featured as back cover of the issue)

  • A conductive-dielectric gradient framework for stable lithium metal anode

    Li J., Zou P., Chiang S. W., Yao W., Wang Y., Liu P., Liang C., Kang F., Yang C.*
    Energy Storage Materials, 2020, 24, 700-706

  • Monolithic Integration of All‐in‐One Supercapacitor for 3D Electronics

    Wang, Y.; Su, S.; Cai, L.; Qiu, B.; Wang, N.; Xiong, J.; Yang, C.; Tao X.*; Chai, Y.*
    Advanced Energy Materials, 2019, 9, 1900037

  • Holey nickel nanotube reticular network scaffold for high-performance flexible rechargeable Zn/MnO2 batteries

    Su S.; Xu Y.; Wang Y.; Wang, X.; Shi, L.; Wu, D.; Zou, P.; Nairan, A.; Lin, Z.; Kang, F.; Yang, C.*
    Chemical Engineering Journal, 2019, 370, 330-336

  • Ultrahigh‐Working‐Frequency Embedded Supercapacitors with 1T Phase MoSe2 Nanosheets for System‐in‐Package Application

    Jiang, Z.; Wang, Y.; Yuan, S.; Shi, L.; Wang, N.; Xiong, J.; Lai, W.; Wang, X.; Kang, F.; Lin, W.; Wong, C.P.; Yang, C.*
    Advanced Functional Materials, 2019, 29, 1807116 (featured as inside front cover)

  • Hierarchical supercapacitor electrodes based on metallized glass fiber for ultrahigh areal capacitance

    Wang, Y.; Su, S.; Cai, L.; Qiu, B.; Yang, C.; Tao, X.*; Chai, Y.*
    Energy Storage Materials, 2019, 20, 315-323

  • Ni@Li2O co-axial nanowire based reticular anode: Tuning electric field distribution for homogeneous lithium deposition

    Zou, P.; Chiang, S.W.; Li, J.; Wang, Y.; Wang, X.; Wu, D.; Nairan, A.; Kang, F.; Yang C.*
    Energy Storage Materials, 2019, 18, 155-164

  • Hierarchical nickel nanowire@ NiCo 2 S 4 nanowhisker composite arrays with a test-tube-brush-like structure for high-performance supercapacitors

    Liao, J.; Zou, P.; Su, S.; Nairan, A.; Wang, Y.; Wu, D.; Wong, C. P.; Kang, F.; Yang, C.*
    Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2018, 6 (31), 15284-15293

  • Magnetic-Field-Induced Rapid Synthesis of Defect-Enriched Ni-Co Nanowire Membrane as Highly Efficient Hydrogen Evolution Electrocatalyst

    Zou, P.; Li, J.; Zhang, Y.; Liang, C.; Yang, C.*; and Fan H. J*
    Nano Energy, 2018, 51, 349-357

  • Lavender-like cobalt hydroxide nanoflakes deposited on nickel nanowire arrays for high-performance supercapacitors

    Liao, J.; Wang, Xu.; Wang, Y.; Su, S.; Nairan, A.; Kang, F.; Yang, C.*
    RSC Advances, 2018, 8, 17263

  • High performance, environmentally benign and integratable Zn//MnO2 microbatteries

    Lai, W.; Wang, Y.; Lei, Z.; Wang, R.; Lin, Z.; Wong, C. P.; Kang, F.; Yang, C.*
    Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2018, 6, 3933-3940

  • Laser processed micro-supercapacitors based on carbon nanotubes/manganese dioxide nanosheets composite with excellent electrochemical performance and aesthetic property

    Shi, L.; Wang, Y.; Zou, P.; Wang, X.; Wu, D.; Wang, R.; Yang, C.*
    Chinese Chemical Letters, 2018, 29, 592-595

  • Directing lateral growth of lithium dendrites in micro-compartmented anode arrays for safe lithium metal batteries

    Zou, P.; Wang, Y.; Chiang, S.; Wang, X.; Kang, F.; Yang, C.*
    Nature Communications, 2018, 9, 464

  • Fabrication and Engineering of Nanostructured Supercapacitor Electrodes Using Electromagnetic Fields-based Techniques

    Lai,W.; Wang, Y.; Wang, X.; Nairan, A.; Yang, C.*
    Advanced Materials Technologies, 2018, 3, 1700168 (featured as front cover of the issue)

  • In situ synthesis of gold nanostars within liposomes for controlled drug release and photoacoustic imaging

    Malathi, M.; Paul, K. U.; Kathyayini, S.; Ashish, D.; Praveen, K. V.; Zou, P; Kanyi, P; Yang, C; Manojit, P & Xu, C.*
    Science China Materials, 2017, 59, 892-900

  • Flexible, temperature-tolerant supercapacitor based on hybrid carbon film electrodes

    Zang, X.; Zhang, R.; Zhen, Z.; Lai, W.; Yang, C.*; Kang, F.*; Zhu, H.*
    Nano Energy, 2017, 40, 224-232

  • Low-Temperature Fusible Silver Micro/Nano-Dendrites-Based Electrically Conductive Composites for Next-Generation Printed Fuse-Links

    Yang, R.; Wang, Y.; Wu, D.; Deng, Y.; Luo, Y.; Cui, X.; Wang, X.; Shu, Z.; Yang, C.*
    ACS Nano, 2017, 11, 7710–7718

  • A macrophage-activating, injectable hydrogel to sequester endogenous growth factors for in situ angiogenesis

    Feng, Y.; Li, Q.; Wu, D.; Niu, Y.; Yang, C.; Dong, L.*; Wang, C.*
    Biomaterials, 2017, 134, 128-142

  • A Reduced Graphene Oxide/Mixed-valent Manganese Oxides Composite Electrode for Tailorable and Surface Mountable Supercapacitors with High Capacitance and Super-Long Life

    Wang, Y.; Lai, W.; Wang, N; Jiang, Z.; Wang, X; Zou, P; Lin, Z; Fan H. J; Kang, F.; Wong C. P; Yang C.*
    Energy & Environmental Science, 2017, 10, 941-949 (featured as back cover of the issue)

  • All-printed Paper Based Surface Mountable Supercapacitors

    Wang Y.; Lai W.; Jiang Z.; Yang C.*
    IEEE Transactions on Dielectrics and Electrical Insulation, 2017, 24(2), 676-681

  • Vapor Phase Polymerized Poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) on a Nickel-Nanowire-Array Film: Aqueous Symmetrical Pseudocapacitors with Superior Performances

    Xie Q.; Xu Y.; Wang Z.; Xu C.; Zou P.; Lin Z.; Xu C.; Yang C.*; Kang F.; Wong C. P.
    Plos One, 2016, 11, e0166529.

  • MoO3@Ni Nanowire Array Hierarchical Anode for All-Metal-Oxide Asymmetric Supercapacitors with High Capacity and Superior Longevity

    Xu,C.; Liao, J.; Wang, R.; Zou, P.; Wang, R.; Kang, F.; Yang, C.*
    RSC Advances, 2016, 110112-110119

  • Photoluminescence and thermoluminescence of Ce3+ incorporated Y3Al5O12 synthesized by rapid combustion

    Wu, H.*; Yang, C.; Zhang, Z.; & Tang, Y.
    Optik-International Journal for Light and Electron Optics, 2016, 127, 1368-1371.

  • An Ultrafast, high capacity and superior longevity Ni/Zn battery constructed on nickel nanowire array film

    Xu, C.; Liao, J.; Yang, C.*; Wang, R.; Wu, D.; Zou, P.; Lin, Z.; Li, B.; Kang, F. & Wong, C. P.*
    Nano Energy, 2016, 30, 900-908.

  • Ozone/graphene oxide catalytic oxidation: a novel method to degrade emerging organic contaminant N, N-diethyl-m-toluamide (DEET)

    Liu, J.; Chen, Z.; Wu, Q.*; Li, A.; Hu, H.; Yang, C.
    Scientific Reports, 2016, 6:31405.

  • Laser-processed graphene based micro-supercapacitors for ultrathin, rollable, compact and designable energy storage components

    Xie, B.; Wang, Y.; Lai, W.; Lin, W.; Lin, Z.; Zhang, Z.; Zou, P.; Xu, Y.; Zhou, S.; Yang, C.*; Kang, F.; *Wong, C. P.
    Nano Energy, 2016, 26, 276-285. (Highlighted as the journal front cover)

  • An Ultra-long, Highly Oriented Nickel Nanowire Array Electrode Scaffold for High-Performance Compressible Pseudocapacitors

    Xu, C.; Li, Z.; Yang, C.*; Zou, P.; Xie, B.; Lin, Z.; Zhang, Z.; Li, B.; Kang, F.; Wong, C. P.
    Advanced Materials, 2016, 28, 4105-4110.

  • Conformal Pad-Printing Electrically Conductive Composites onto Thermoplastic Hemispheres: Toward Sustainable Fabrication of 3-Cents Volumetric Electrically Small Antennas

    Wu, H.; Chiang, S. W.; Yang, C.*; Lin, Z.; Liu, J.; Moon, K. S.; Kang, F.; Li, B. & Wong, C. P.
    PloS one, 2015, 10, e0136939.

  • Fractal Dendrite-based Electrically Conductive Composites for Laser-scribed Flexible Circuits

    Yang, C.*; Cui, X.; Zhang, Z.; Chiang, S. W.; Lin, W.; Duan, H.; Li, J.; Kang, F. & Wong, C. P.
    Nature Communications, 2015, 6, 8150 (Highlighted by C&EN News)

  • Combining Fast Li-Ion Battery Cycling with Large Volumetric Energy Density: Grain Boundary Induced High Electronic and Ionic Conductivity in Li4Ti5O12 Spheres of Densely Packed Nanocrystallites

    Wang, C.; Wang, S.; He, Y. B.*; Tang, L.; Han, C.; Yang, C.; Wagemaker, M.; Li, B. H.; Yang, Q. H.; Kim, J. K. & Kang, F.
    Chemistry of Materials, 2015, 27, 5647-5656

  • Flexible copper wires through galvanic replacement of zinc paste: A highly cost-effective technology for wiring flexible printed circuits

    Liu, J.; Yang, C.*; Zou, P.; Yang, R.; Xu, C.; Xie, B.; Lin, Z.; Kang, F.; Wong, C. P.
    Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2015, 3, 8329-8335

  • Eco-friendly and cost-effective superabsorbent sodium polyacrylate composites for environmental remediation

    Yu, Y.; Peng,R.; Yang, C.; and Tang, Y.*
    Journal of Materials Science 2015, 50, 5799-5808

  • Shape-Tailorable Graphene-Based Ultrahigh Rate Supercapacitor for Wearable Electronics

    Xie, B.; Yang, C.*; Zhang, Z.; Zou, P.; Lin, Z.; Shi, G.; Yang, Q.; Kang, F.; Wong, C. P.
    ACS Nano, 2015, 9, 5636–5645

  • Electrospray-deposition of graphene electrode: a simple technique to build high-performance supercapacitors

    Tang, H; Yang, C.*; Lin,Z.; Yang, Q.; Kang, F.; Wong, C. P.
    Nanoscale, 2015, 7, 9133-9139 (featured as back cover of the issue )

  • Preparation of Silver Nanowires via a Rapid, Scalable and Green Pathway

    Yang, C.*; Tang, Y; Su, Z; Zhang, Z.; Fang, C.
    Journal of Materials Science & Technology, 2015, 3, 16-22

  • Future paper based printed circuit boards for green electronics: fabrication and life cycle assessment

    Liu, J.; Yang, C.*; Wu, H.; Lin, Z.; Zhang, Z.; Wang, R.; Li, B.; Kang, F.; Shi, L.*; Wong, C. P
    Energy & Environmental Science, 2014, 7, 3674-3682

  • Towards Practical Application of Paper based Printed Circuits: Capillarity Effectively Enhances Conductivity of the Thermoplastic Electrically Conductive Adhesives

    Wu, H.; Chiang, S.; Lin. W.; Yang, C.*; Li, Z.; Liu, J.; Cui, X.; Kang, F.; Wong, C. P
    Scientific Reports, 2014, 8, 6275-8

  • Scalable Fabrication of MnO2 Nanostructure Deposited on Free-standing Ni Nanocone Arrays for Ultrathin, Flexible, High-performance Microsupercapacitor

    Su, Z.; Yang, C.*; Xie, B.; Lin, Z.; Zhang, Z.; Liu, J.; Li, B.; Kang, F.; Wong, C. P
    Energy & Environmental Science, 2014, 6, 2652-2659 (featured as back cover of the issue )

  • Fluorescence quenching between unbonded graphene quantum dots and gold nanoparticles upon simple mixing

    Liu, Y.; Loh, W.; Ananthanarayanan, A.; Yang, C.; Chen, P.; Xu, C.*
    RSC Advances, 2014, 8, 35673–35677

  • Surface iodination: A simple and efficient protocol to improve the isotropically thermal conductivity of silver-epoxy pastes

    Wu, H.; Chiang, S.; Han, W.; Tang, Y.; Kang, F.; Yang, C.*
    Composites Science and Technology, 2014, 4, 109-116

  • Flexible supercapacitors

    Shi, S.; Xu C.; Yang, C.; Li, J.; Du, H.; Li, B.; Kang, F.*
    Particuology, 2013, 11, 371-377

  • Co-electro-deposition of the MnO2/PEDOT:PSS Nanostructured Composite for High Areal Mass, Flexible Asymmetric Supercapacitor Devices

    Su, Z.; Yang, C.*; Xu, C.; Wu, H.; Zhang, Z.; Liu, T.; Zhang, C.; Yang, Q.; Li, B.; *Kang, F.
    Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 2013, 1, 12432-12440 ( featured as back cover)

  • Printed Electrically Conductive Composites: Conductive Filler Designs and Surface Engineering

    Yang, C.*; Wong, C. P.*; Yuen, M. M. F.*
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